What is a Traffic Management System (TMS)?

A Traffic Management System optimizes driving efficiency by monitoring and coordinating traffic signals. By adjusting these signals, we allow traffic to flow more smoothly throughout the day and help clear the way for law enforcement, fire and rescue vehicles during emergencies. Gainesville-Alachua County’s new TMS replaces an outdated DOS-based system with state-of-the-art traffic signal controls, traffic monitoring cameras and an emergency vehicle priority system. Information gathered is delivered via fiber-optic lines to our brand new Traffic Management Center, keeping us apprised of current traffic conditions and fueling real-time updates on this website.

Components of a TMS include:

  • Operation and maintenance of traffic signals
  • Fiber-optic communications network
  • Traffic monitoring cameras
  • Enhanced system-wide signal timing
  • On-the-fly signal timing changes
  • Emergency vehicle control (signal priority)
  • Real time motorist information
  • Effective incident management
  • Traffic data collection
  • Dynamic message signs
  • Arterial travel time systems
  • Traffic Management Center Control Room

Benefits of having a TMS:

One of the most important benefits of an effective traffic management system is reducing congestion. Studies show that reducing traffic congestion can save motorists approximately 10 gallons of fuel per year. When you multiply that by all the cars in our area, it is a savings of nearly $1.9 million. Not to mention the benefits of reduced emissions and less time lost by motorists.

Another important benefit is enhanced emergency response for law enforcement, fire and rescue. With system-wide traffic signal priority control, we are able to guide rescue vehicles through traffic more quickly.

Additional advantages include real-time traveler information on incidents, congestion and alternate routes, enhanced mass transit times and constant traffic signal monitoring and adjustments. These items, along with system-wide re-timing of all traffic signals, helps reduce congestion and delays throughout Gainesville and Alachua County.